Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kennel sketches

Sketches of people interacting with kennelled dogs

Photos of Clara's recovery

14 days post arrival - the wounds are already healing. Would love to show you all the progress of the larger wounds, but they're not for the faint hearted!

30 days post arrival - the smaller wounds have already healed, leaving only scars of Clara's old life.

Sketches of veterinary nurses caring for an injured dog

Clara came into the shelter after being dumped by a railway. She had sheering injuries to her legs and chest, with a noose mark under her neck. We suspect these injuries were the result of being dragged beside a moving car. We also discovered numerous air gun pellets when we x-rayed her. Her wounds were bathed, flushed and bandaged, a daily process which took hours at a time. The hard work and TLC payed off and after 12 weeks and two surgeries the wounds had healed fully. I tracked the process of the wounds by taking regular photos. On one occasion I decided to do some observational sketches of the nursing care given to Clara.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Digging dog

Water soluble pastels on brown paper. Different pastels used to show the three different images drawn over the top of each other to reflect the animals movement.

Dog Aggression Information Leaflet

This leaflet was designed to help children and parents to understand the dogs escalation into aggression and how to avoid being bitten. I used a range of breeds to emphasize that any dog can become aggressive, not just the breeds that the public are weary of. The leaflet isn't particularly successful. It was designed as a six side concertina that drops down into a poster and is intended to have further advice on the back. I think this would be much better represented in a children's book so that the the information part is much more child friendly and explanatory. I would also like to tackle this project in print as I suspect it would be more appealing.

Information leaflet about the escalation of canine aggression.

I wanted to emphasize the importance of the subtle changes in behaviour that parents should be watching for so that they can reward these communication signals by removing the child from the dog. If these are ignored the dog has to resort to more obvious signals such as growling and biting.

Relief printed dog aggression ethogram

Dog behaviour sketches from my sketch pad

I like how this sketch shows a dog mooching through the undergrowth, completely relaxed.

This sketch shows how ear position can change as a dog becomes more nervous.