Monday, 3 December 2012

Play Bow Collograph

This is for a page about how dogs love to play. It shows a play soliciting posture called the play bow. I'm not 100% sure if I'm finished on this one. I was hoping the legs would come out a bit paler so that she looks like a dog with white legs, belly and face with tan markings. May have to reprint it paler with a new tan print on top and the definition for the eyes and ears over that.
This is what the print looked like before I added the 2nd layer. I felt there was not enough definition around the ear and decided it was a good opportunity to add more detail to the face. I espescially like his whisker spots around his nose.
This is how the face collograph printed first time round. I really like the furry texture, but it was too much so I cleaned most of the colour of the collograph before printing it after this.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Collograph Alphabet

I decided it was time to print an upper case alphabet to go with the lower case alphabet I designed for my Masters project. I might revise a few of the letters, but on the whole I'm quite pleased. I could use the letter press, but I would prefer to echo the textures of the collograph prints in the type face.
This is the original lower case alphabet. Each letter is individually placed onto each spread... sometimes I wonder if it would be easier just to pick a computerized text, but I think its worth using the printed one.

Ear and Tail Position Spreads

This is a double page spread with text and images describing ear positions to go over the top. His eye is missing because I am intending to have the 'e' for ears in that spot. The text will be in black and white, but I'm not sure how it will turn out yet. I'm giving myself a bit of a design challenge by using such strong images. Hope I can pull it off!
This is the first page of the following double spread. The second page of the spread will explain what different tail positions mean.