Saturday, 19 May 2012

'40 Elephants' Redesign - 'How Big?' and 'How Many?'

I've had some interesting feedback from publishers, they feel the the concept of using weight to quantify size and scale is too abstract for younger children. They have suggested that I should consider redeveloping the book using a different measure of size, such as length. I have to admit, it's a fair point and something that I had considered when I started developing the original idea. Eventually I chose weight because it was easy to quantify and it allowed for greater diversity across the spreads because it involved using varying numbers of animals. I liked that it was possible to show social animals in groups as they would be in nature. I have a few concerns about the redesign, but on the whole I'm excited about it and looking forwards to the opportunity to get beck into the print rooms again.


Liza said...

That's interesting Alison...have you thought about seeing what feedback you get from school children/teachers? xx

Liza said...
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Alison Limentani said...

Most teachers have been quite positive about the book, but sadly I suspect that the publishers may have a point.