Sunday, 23 November 2014

PrintmadeZoo is open for business! Opened a new etsy shop November 2014

People are always asking me about acquiring some of my artwork, so I’ve decided to set up a new Etsy shop called ‘PrintmadeZoo’ to sell limited edition prints and greetings cards. At the moment only the larger prints are listed, but I’m hoping to produce some smaller prints for smaller budgets later in the year. Click the link on the top right hand side to visit my Etsy shop or follow this link;

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Clint Shaff said...

Sweet! And now these prints are all available in one place. It fits since this whole thing is a 'zoo' and these are a bunch of animal drawings in varying shapes and designs. You’ve really got something here. The zoo thing helps your brand since it makes us see the works as a single unit and think of it as a collection. One got to have to buy them all, then. Nice one, there!

Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match